Logistics, Distribution and Domestic Transportation

With the many choice of transportation alternatives it can be confusing to deal with all the different carriers. Our objective is to find the most cost effective route for the customer, providing you an interface with all the different modes of transportation. We can provide a distribution and drop shipment service through our warehouse according to your instructions and requirements. These leave you and your companys resources to concentrate on what they do best producing, promoting and selling your products.

We can route your fright through many different carriers including by using our own fleet of covered trucks & trailers and sometimes by rail. Through our competitive cost with these carries we can pass on significant savings. We also can pick your export shipments up from the factory premises and to drop the same into the port CFS or airport warehouse by using our own fleet of covered truck & trailers with care. A daily pickup service can be provided if needed to handle your shipments from envelop size to truckload size shipments.